What We Offer


H.O.P.E. for the future.  We Help Other People Envision by bringing together Family and Community to form a H.O.P.E. Team. Together we identify gifts, strengths, interests, look at possibilities, what works, what doesn’t and so much more.  We help set actionable goals and personally connect families with individuals, agencies and organizations that can help them reach those goals. We see families through the entire process. Team meetings take place every six to eight weeks as long as needed and are facilitated by Full Life Ahead personnel.

Knowledge.   Our Family Weekends at Children’s Harbor on beautiful Lake Martin offer the perfect setting to get away, meet other parents, and be exposed to experts in a group as well as in one-on-one consultations. Teens or young adults with  disAbility get a chance to have fun as they practice real life skills and make new friends. Their parents gain knowledge on how to help them reach their goals.

The Full Life Ahead Foundation (FLAF) has also created a workbook that is an invaluable tool to your family plan for transitioning from school to adult life. It is packed with the information we wish we had had when our children were first going through this process.

Encouragement. Families often come to us feeling totally alone. Participating in a Family Weekend can completely change their perspective. Many realize for the first time, there’s MORE — more independence, more community involvement, more H.O.P.E. for their Future.

Connections.  Personal interaction and personal relationships are what make the Full Life Ahead Foundation such a unique organization.  We strive to connect families to other families and to the community through our H.O.P.E. Teams and family retreat weekends.

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