Full Life Ahead Staff

Mike Bell

Executive Director


I am excited to join the Full Life Ahead team as of October 1, 2019. A 1974 graduate of the University of Alabama in Huntsville, I began my career as an actuary, working for several life insurance companies. In more recent years I have been in administrative and leadership roles. My hope is that the managerial and organizational skills, along with the business knowledge, I have acquired can be put to good use to help Full Life Ahead grow and thrive into the future.

My wife (Donna) and I have two grown children (Stacy and Sam) and a granddaughter (Lydia), who has me wrapped around her little finger. We live in Gardendale, AL. We are active members at Church of the Highlands in Fultondale and on the Dream Team. Our passion for helping others developed from volunteering with King’s Home at one of their girls homes in Warrior, AL. I feel blessed to be able to work full time now at an organization making such a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

I look forward to getting up and coming to the office each morning where I enjoy working with the staff, the Board members whom I have met, and the volunteers. I love the networking I have already begun with others in the non-profit world. Most of all, I am thankful the Lord opened up such a rewarding and gratifying opportunity for me at Full Life Ahead.


Kelsi and Me

Tammy Moore

Programs Director


Tammy Moore is married to Johnny Moore and is the mother of three adult children.  Her youngest child has was diagnosed with Costello syndrome just before her second birthday. There were only approximately 18 known people with Costello syndrome  when Tammy’s daughter was diagnosed, so very little was known about it at that time. A couple of years later Tammy found a family who lived in the United Kingdom who also had a daughter with Costello syndrome (CS). They chatted through an online chat group called “Our Kids” for some time then decided to start a support group for families affected by CS. In 1999, Tammy chaired the First International Costello Syndrome Conference in Birmingham, AL.  Families came from around the world to finally make contact with other families who had the rare syndrome in common.  Most, if not all, had never seen another person with this rare syndrome. Tammy has remained on the Costello Syndrome Family Network board and has chaired many of the conferences that the organization holds in various locations throughout the USA every other year since 1999.

And so the journey started! That first conference was held at the Children’s Rehabilitation Service (CRS) building in Homewood where Tammy received much help and support from the staff.  In 2001 Tammy became the Parent Consultant for CRS Homewood/Birmingham and was later promoted to Regional Parent Consultant serving the northern part of the state.  As Parent Consultant she served families with children with special healthcare needs from around the state sharing her experiences as a mother and supporting them with information, resources and encouragement. Tammy worked side-by-side with families individually, in clinics, through presentations and training, offering guidance and sharing experiences.  As Regional Parent Consultant, Tammy continued her district duties while providing training, technical support and encouragement to the Parent Consultants in her region.

The Full Life Ahead Foundation became a part of Tammy’s life when she felt that she needed someone to come in to help advocate for her daughter in school. Tammy credits The Full Life Ahead Foundation for getting the school staff to see her daughter’s strengths and potential, leading to her being given the opportunity to learn to read. The Full Life Ahead Foundation stepped in again years later, to encourage, support and connect Tammy’s daughter as she looked for and succeeded in getting her first job which she has had for several years. In September 2014 Tammy was honored to take on the position of Executive Director of the foundation.  Her experience and ability to relate to others has made her a sought after speaker for state and local agencies.


Claire Quirk

Administrative Director


Claire grew up in Huntsville, Alabama with her sister, Anna, and her parents Drs. Margaret Bibb and Patrick Quirk. Claire found her passion for the ID/DD community in middle school when she began volunteering at Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center in the Johnny Stallings Arts Program. She spent eight consecutive summers teaching music, art, dance, and acting classes to children, teens, and adults with special needs. She always dreamed of one day working for a nonprofit that focused on providing these people the tools to become self-sufficient, contributing members of society. She received her Bachelors of Business Administration in marketing from the University of Montevallo in May of 2018 and is currently pursuing her Masters of Business Administration in Strategic Management from the same institution. Claire sees a dire need for advocates all over the south, especially in Alabama, for people with disabilities; physical, mental, and otherwise, and is unapologetically passionate about the work being done at Full Life Ahead. FLAF gives individuals the opportunity to explore what they are capable of as opposed to what they are not.

“I have always been a “glass-half-full” type of person; I believe that positivity and creativity are the keys to success in the face of adversity. I want to wake up every morning and feel as though I am fighting for change in my home state and giving people a chance at a comfortable, confident life.”