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woorkbook_english Full Life Ahead: A Workbook and Guide to Adult Life for Students & Families of Students with disAbilities
English Edition

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Full Life Ahead: A workbook and Guide to Adult Life for Students and Families of Students with disAbilities.
– Spanish Edition

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Kathleen Phillips, Parent Advocate and Family Navigator
The Family Network, Maryland Coalition of Families for Children’s Mental Health
Hagerstown, Maryland

“I practically carry [the book] everywhere.   I don’t want to miss writing down an idea or looking up something whenever the spirit strikes!”

Deborah Lamoree, Parent
Phoenix, Arizona

“This workbook is chock full not only of information, but contains a real “how to” section with its many tools that families can use with their young adults.   There are so many parents and students who don’t know where to go next, and this is a book that lays out a real roadmap that they can follow to improve their post school lives.”

Susan Williams, State Department of Education
Montgomery, Alabama

“While sipping on my first cup of coffee I opened up my newly acquired Full Life Ahead book and read Dine’s GAP Story.  What an inspiring story of love, collaboration and support.  I feel like Dine has touched my life.   Thanks for contributing to our efforts of supporting kids and helping them to make their dreams come true.”

Donna Djerf, Family Liaison for Exceptional Student Education
Lee County, Florida

“My sister shared the transition workbook with me…WOW!  Thank you for the outstanding work on behalf of our children.”

Deb Barten, Parent of child with Asperger’s, OCD, Tourette’s and ADHD
Washington State

“You all have done an OUTSTANDING job and would love your permission to include some of the pages in our guide.  Many thanks!  I love your WORKBOOK!”

Janie Gonzales, Transition Coordinator for Harnett County Schools
Lillington, North Carolina

“I have had the chance to go thoroughly through your guide. Well done!”

Rich Luecking, Transcen Transition Service

“Thanks for the great workbook on transition.”

Al Condeluci, Presenter and Author

“It is one of the most comprehensive resources I have seen for addressing needs of students for transitioning from school to their desired post-school outcomes and providing parents with concrete methods to plan with their children for life beyond school.”

Wendy Collison, Education Program Specialist, Transition Service,
State Department of Education, Arizona

“This is an excellent resource to provide training for students, parents, families and teachers in the area of transition planning.”

Beverly Lavender, Director, Career Technical Education
Jefferson County Schools, Birmingham, Alabama

“The book is really appreciated! It’s good to hear from parents who are so open and optimistic.”

Nicki Washburn, Association for People in Supported Employment
Indianapolis, Indiana

“I read it from cover to cover right after I picked it up and cried at the parent stories.”

Ruth Conner, Parent Advocate
Huntsville, Alabama  

“The book is particularly helpful for students who will be making the transition from high school to adult life in the near future. It’s also a very useful guide if you have a family member who is still working towards becoming more independent in the community.”

Network News, the newsletter of the Parent Information Network
State Department of Education, Arizona

“I use parts of the book for families getting started in acting as self advocates. Only a handful had ever even attended any of their IEP meetings.”

Glenda Frank, PINS, Parent Information Network Specialist Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services
E. Maricopa County, Arizona

“This is a dynamic planning workbook for assisting parents and educators in facilitating students’ lifelong planning.   Conducting transition planning and being a self advocate is vital for students and their families in being successful in, and out, of school.”

Wendy Collison, ESS Transition Specialist, and Rita Kenison, Parent Information Network/Child Find Coordinator

“Thank you so much for your excellent guide.   I can’t wait to share it. I can tell it is a work of the heart, meant to make life easier for those who face the new challenges. I have never seen anything of this quality; it has a very friendly personal touch.”

Suzanne Saylor, Parent Information Network

“Very well done, well-prepared, handled parent and personal concerns well (including anger and other feelings), and remained positive throughout.”

State Department of Education Employee
El Paso, Texas–Spanish Edition

“I love the book.   Definitely a plus for our special needs kids, without too much technicality.”


“Excellent job. What a great idea and the perfect presentation.”

State Department of Education Employee

This work may be of great benefit for families and those suffering from disabilities to learn how to help grow a support system and make use of resources in the community.

Teresita Bolivar, Co-Founder of ALS support group
Puerto Rico

Congratulations to The Full Life Ahead Foundation for creating and teaching about the HOPE process in helping those with disabilities to use their talents. This sort of aid provides a ripple effect throughout the larger community.

Loretta Phelps de Córdova
Puerto Rico

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