At the Full Life Ahead Foundation (FLAF) we understand how precious both time and money can be. That is why we strive to provide to our volunteers and donors a complete picture of what we do each and every day.When you donate to the FLAF foundation you are:

  • Helping a family pay for camp so they can envision the possibilities and get the information and connections needed to make them happen
  • Aiding a young person with a disAbility in getting their first job
  • Providing the FLAF workbook to those who can not afford them so they can see the young person’s gift and strengths, understand supports needed and map out a plan for their future
  • And, much, much more.

Here is a look at what your donation can provide for a family with a teen or young adult with disAbilities.

  • $20 Provides a Full Life Ahead workbook for an individual or family who needs one.
  • $100 Gives five workbooks to families needing them.
  • $250 Sends an entire family to a Family Retreat weekend for education and dream building
  • $500 Sponsors activities at a Family Retreat weekend for teens or young adults with disAbilities.
  • $1000 Helps four families attend a Family Retreat weekend
  • $2,500 Allows us to do a matching grant, essentially doubling the amount you give to us.