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Recurring Donations

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Legacy of H.O.P.E. Giving

For information on ways that you can remember the Full Life Ahead Foundation in your will and trusts, contact Tammy Moore ( or 205-439-6534).


Interested in sponsoring an event, have an awesome fundraising idea or want to know if your employer does matching donations?

We want to hear from you! Contact Tammy Moore ( or 205-439-6534).


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What can your donation provide to a teen or young adult with a disAbility?

      • $25 Provides a Full Life Ahead Workbook for an individual or family who needs one.
      • $100 Gives four workbooks to families needing them.
      • $250 Funds a H.O.P.E. Team Meeting that gives an individual H.O.P.E. to have dreams and action to make them a reality.
      • $500 Sponsors activities at a Family Retreat Weekend for Teens or Young Adults with disAbilities.
      • $1000 Sends a family to a Family Retreat Weekend