An Aptitude for Giving

December 19, 2017 Katherine
  Imagine a small dollhouse on a post next to a big pine tree in a suburban front yard. The walls are painted with a warm, inviting color, perhaps trimmed in white. There is a small shingled roof and double doors which open wide. Now, imagine the little house is full of canned goods; peanut
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Celebrating National Developmental Disability Awareness Month

March 8, 2017 Katherine
A Little History Presidents and Parents and Advocates Leading the Way In the early 1960’s President, Kennedy used the power of the Presidency to bring attention to the needs of people experiencing life with an intellectual and developmental disability (IDD).  Back in the 1960’s, people with IDD were labeled as “mentally retarded.”  Up until that
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Remember to Love Yourself

February 13, 2017 Katherine
It is all about the love. Every day I learn to love more.  I await what comes from an unpredictable day, daring myself to fall into an uncertain moment on the side of love, not fear.  I dare myself to step into the vulnerabilities of an open heart. It takes courage to open a heart
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The Power of Rituals. Gathering with the Gilmore Girls

December 15, 2016 Katherine
According to Scientific American, rituals are rational and beneficial . “Rituals have the ability to impact our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.” For Mikelle and me, and perhaps for you and your family, rituals deepen connections among our team members and cushion the weight and impact from inevitable loss felt when friends and trusted supports move on.
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What is in Your Recovery Plan? A holiday survival guide.

November 15, 2016 Katherine
As I write this blog, my sandaled feet are stretched out on weather worn outdoor couches at the local Starbucks, also known as “The Beach” for its expansive patio, fire pit, and overhead warming lamps. It is November 14th and not a snowflake can be found. Though sprigs of holly and red cup decals wishing
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7 Steps to Finding Balance in Chaotic Times

August 10, 2016 Katherine
You can feel it.  I know you can. The times we live in feel uncertain, turbulent and even violent. You may be tempted to withdraw or express frustration and anger. Before you do, think about what it is you seek. Stability. A predictable day, maybe. You know I love to dance for I have learned
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Is Friendship the Truest Form of Inclusion?

May 4, 2016 Katherine
The language of friendship is not words but meanings. ~Henry David Thoreau From time to time, it is beneficial to reflect on life. Today, we celebrate friendship. Deep. Enduring. Trusted friendship. Friendship is the grace which falls upon us all–if we are lucky. Enduring friendships are a blessing and a gift to be treasured. For
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Planting Happiness

January 25, 2016 Katherine
Posted by Katherine Carol (NOTE: This is the second post in the series on Life Planting.) “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and the end of human existence.” ~Aristotle Yes. Fulfilled dreams lead to happiness, which as a caregiver your so richly deserve. Happiness changes from year to year.
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What Seeds are You Planting in 2016?

January 6, 2016 Katherine
  Posted by Katherine Carol Let’s start this new year together! “From one small seed of our first encounter have come many harvests.” Russ Berkus Mikelle and I, along with our friends at Shining Beautiful, are taking time to reflect on just where it we want to go this year. We do this every year and
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Love, Permission, Humor and Communities in 2016

December 30, 2015 Katherine
By Katherine Carol We are born to love. Period. We are designed for belonging. And yet, this holiday season, many individuals and families with disabilities feel the bite of loneliness and isolation. Like the rest of the world, people with disabilities want to celebrate family and friendship.  Kristin, Mikelle, Jerome and Ian Each year, Mikelle and I
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