When Life is Like Drinking from a Firehose

May 25, 2018 Katherine
    The phone rings at 2:30 am.  Never a good sign. My smartphone lights up the space next to my bed, both the sound and the light bouncing off the window sill where it rests. Unknown caller. The only unknown caller I know too well. It’s my mother, who on this April 6th morning
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Raising Confident Kids

April 13, 2018 Katherine
  As a young mom, I recall Mikelle’s sweet stretched out yawns, her gentle infant coos and the terrible fear of the dreaded baby swing that threw her into a startle so severe she thought she would fall to the ground. I remember the many attempts to help her learn to sit. Valiantly, we attempted
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The Parenting Dilemma

March 12, 2018 Katherine
Part One As families with special needs, we develop almost ninja-like warrior skills in fighting for our kids. We are strong, even when we feel weak. We speak out, even when we are shy. We believe in our kids, even when others don’t. We are courageous, even when our hearts ache. Our adeptness strips away
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February 12, 2018 Katherine
“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”- Forrest Gump  Valentine’s Day and chocolates go hand and hand, like peas and carrots. Remember when you were a child, Valentine’s Day was a big deal. Boxes of chocolate were affectionately given from grandparents, parents, and friends at
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Uncertainty Ruling Your New Year?

January 12, 2018 Katherine
It is hard to believe we are already two weeks into this new year. Has your introduction into 2018 begun with a stutter or a stop? Are you more irresolute—more full of doubt and uncertainty than resolve? Somewhere in your world sits a 2018 Calendar. The white, blank pages lay before you like a snowfield or
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An Aptitude for Giving

December 19, 2017 Katherine
  Imagine a small dollhouse on a post next to a big pine tree in a suburban front yard. The walls are painted with a warm, inviting color, perhaps trimmed in white. There is a small shingled roof and double doors which open wide. Now, imagine the little house is full of canned goods; peanut
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Thank you for Everyday Heroes, Veterans of Inclusion and Families of Differently-Abled Children

November 17, 2017 Katherine
  November, the month before Christmas, is affectionately known as Movember where a guy can sport a mustachioed look and feel confident about it. November is the month where the days are short and bright and the nights are long and chilly. November is the month we honor Veterans tasked with protecting our country. Society
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Discover A Full Life Ahead

October 12, 2017 Katherine
Good people comfort others and offer reciprocity.-Confucious Trust.  Not much is ever really accomplished without a team and a community.  And, one thing I know is you can trust the Full Life Ahead Workbook and Guide to change your family’s future because in the first few pages of the user-friendly book, you will find H.O.P.E
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Time to Share Your Story, Part Three Storytelling Series.

September 12, 2017 Katherine
While each of us has a story, as a young mom of a child who experiences cerebral palsy, I knew my story was different than those of my neighbors. As fall approached, they shopped eagerly for school supplies while teachers greeted new students, their children, with smiles and a pat on the back and freshly
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Are you Lost in Your Own Story?

August 15, 2017 Katherine
We have so many things we want to share in our story. But, where to start? How will you know what is the real story? How do you find the story that makes a difference to you and the reader? Understand that a story is an invitation to enter into a dynamic relationship between: The
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