7 Steps to Finding Balance in Chaotic Times

August 10, 2016 katherine Blog

7 Steps to Finding Balance in Chaotic Times.

You can feel it.  I know you can. The times we live in feel uncertain, turbulent and even violent.

You may be tempted to withdraw or express frustration and anger. Before you do, think about what it is you seek.

Stability. A predictable day, maybe.

You know I love to dance for I have learned many lessons on learning on how to lead and follow.   Perhaps one of the most valuable lessons is discovering my balance and core strength.

As parents of special needs children, our power comes from our ability to adjust and maintain our balance and connection to our core values and heart and those we cherish. Without heart, dance, even life becomes cold and almost mechanical.

So when the news blasts you off the couch or startles you with an alert popping up on your device, breathe. Settle. Go to your heart and remember your strengths and seek to balance yourself.  Be the calm in the storm.

You know how to do this. You have been doing it for years.

I know you pulled peace out of your hat the day you got the call your mother had fallen. I hear your sigh, followed by a deep breath of patience as one of your kids lost their coat for the third time or forgot their homework again.  You found your strength when the plumbing overflowed–just before a holiday dinner. You are special, and you have been for a long time. And, remember, people look up to you when times get tough.

Stay balanced.  Be the calm in the middle of the storm.

Here are some quick tips for finding balance whether it is gathering your scattered energies at the end of the day or preparing for your child’s IEP or just getting through the evening news.

Seven steps for finding balance.

Live with these core strengths and you can not fail.

  1. B. Be Bold.
  2. A. Live with Authenticity.
  3. L. Love with all you have and include yourself.
  4. A. Take Action to right the wrongs you see.
  5. N. Come from a place of Non-judgment. Listen first. Question later.
  6. C. Stay Calm and carry on.
  7. E. Be Excited about your future. You are creating it right now.

Be calm in chaos and create a little turbulence if life gets too stagnant.